23 Aug 05
LS1 Teardown complete.

Getting the pulley off was .. an exercise. Sorry, no in-progress pics - I didn't have enough hands to make it easy even without trying to photograph it. Suffice it to say that I'm happy I'm not doing this again for a while.
Front cover removed. Here's the oil pump and timing chain. No pics of the rear cover removal.
More for my own reference, here's the oil pump.
Yeah. It's a blurry pic. This is the cam. The numbers on it say "0965 4 08 9244". I don't know what it is.
With a 22mm socket I was able to remove the knock sensors, and after that the valley cover. One more piece for the pile.
Bores still have a good crosshatch and no lip. This makes me happy.
All of the rod bearings looked great. There were.. issues.. with the main bearings.
Larger pic with more detail.
Mains and rod journals.
Problem child journal. I can't catch my fingernail on the line so it may be OK.
Rear main
Everything that can be unbolted has been unbolted. My shopping list is large at this point, unfortunately.

The pistons, rings, and rods were in great shape, so I'm not planning to take them apart - just clean the carbon off the top. If I find anything funky at that point, then I may have to reevaluate the plan.

Now that the engine is empty, I'll likely put the oilpan back on and do some test fits in the car. Or perhaps I'll get some parts and start putting it all back together. One of the two.

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