Today was the day to finish the driver's side floorpan.

Started by cleaning the rust off the inner bucket seat mount. Wasn't too worried about getting it "perfect" but wanted to get a good bite for the POR-15 that we coated it with.
Once the bracket was cleaned and painted with POR-15, used both dimensions from the passenger side and the seat itself to get it lined up properly.
Time to take it for a spin yet?
Tacked the bracket in place with the seat in place, then went back through with more welds to strengthen the assembly.
There was a gap here that was bugging me. Corrected with a bit of 18 ga steel.
Fixed the seatbelt mount that was lacking still.
Cleaned up the weld on this area. The vent panel still needs to be replaced.

Ground all the little welds that needed grinding. I have not yet ground the underbody welds, seems like it'll be easier once I've got the pass pan out.
Ready for primer, filler, seam sealer, and paint. Time to move on to the other side. I'm not cutting the hole completely for the shifter or reinstalling the shifter hump yet since I don't know what shifter or transmission I'll end up running, and don't want to create more work for myself correcting more cuts I've already made.

Tomorrow, cutting the pass side out begins! Whee!