Dyno Day!

Ok, this vaguely sucks. Had some trouble with the car kicking down a gear for a couple of (aborted) runs... damn the car sounds good though (first time I've been outside it when it kicked down). First full run after disconnecting the kickdown linkage, this happened at 4600 rpm or so (roughly 120mph). I am pleased that this happened here instead of on the freeway.
It looks like it was the front u-joint that failed. That would have really sucked had it happened anywhere else.
I have no earthly idea what this is. It was under the tranny in the dyno bay after the ujoint failed. Might not be part of my car, but I don't feel that lucky. .
Here's the report from the single run that happened. I don't know if the driveshaft caused the jitteryness seen here or not or if it's a cam/cylinder thing.

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