Time to clean up the trunk and figure out what parts I'm going to need. I was able to confirm that the wood block on the pass side is over an inch shorter than the one on the driver's side. At least I'm not as stressed about the frame being twisted as I was.

I had really hoped that I was only going to have to replace the outer trunk pan on the pass side. Once I finished cleaning all the parts out of the trunk, here's what I found - the brace on the driver's side and the pan over there also needs replaced. Check out the puddles of filler or seam sealer or whatever it is around the brace.
I already knew this side needed to be replaced.
And here's the whole view. I don't know that the middle part needs replaced - I'll have to look at one of the sides to figure out how far they go.
Other than the outer brace, it doesn't look too bad from underneath.
Same on this side.
This pic is mostly for my reference when I'm putting it all back together. The circle is around where the tank ground attaches.
Pass side brace detail. I went ahead and removed the tank straps. They'll need to be replaced anyway.
And the driver's side. I think I'll have to use a chisel to remove the remaining parts of the tank strap here.
At least if you look forward from here, you get to see the spiffy floorpans.
The brace over the rear axle seems to be in good shape.
And then I started finding more rust, like this here at the trunk edge.
I actually already knew about this, but this way I can get a better picture of it.
Did not know that there were rustholes around the license plate area.
Pulled the bondo/sealer stuff out from the driver's brace. It was mixed in with windowscreen. The pan definitely needs replaced, note the rust next to the inner wheelhouse.
Completely removed the brace on the pass side. It was also full of that sealer/bondo with windowscreen mixture.
Chipped some of the bondo out of the trunk lid. It was up to 1/4 of an inch thick in some areas. I'll have to beat on this with a hammer some before refilling.
Closeup, alternate angle.

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