Yup, today we cut out the passenger side floorpan. Boring pics today, we cut out a floor, how exciting can it be?

Here's a reminder of what it looked like when we started.
Break out the sawzall, started cutting at the bottom of the rear footwell dropoff. Bad picture though.
Cut cut cut...
Rear portion free.
Next section.
Had to dodge the seat bracket.
Already test-fitting the new pan. The driver's side seemed to fit better, or perhaps I'm just remembering it towards the end of the installation. I trimmed a few of the edges and it seems to have helped some.
Outlined the edge of the test-fit pan with spray paint (black, in this case). Any other color would have been better (except possibly brown or "rust"). Used the outline as a guide to start trimming the overlap with the nibbler.
My last remaining sawzall blade gave its all to get this high up. The uncut area near the outside front is where the body mounts are. I'll try to remove the bolts tomorrow, and when they shear off I'll end up having to cut into this area too.
Before installing the new pan, I'll need to fix the inner rocker in this area. The vent panel here can wait until later.
Put a coat of POR-15 on the braces and the exposed frame.
and the other view.

I tried to remove the body bolt under the front brace, and as usual it sheared off.