25 Apr 05.

Again with the slow updates.

I'm still working the big hours - but the parts-buying freeze has definitely ended. Here's what's shown up at my door:

Big-ass tires (cat didn't come with them) - Hankooks, 275/40-17s
Del-alum bushings for the GW UCAs
Teflon-lined LCA bushings
Speedway springs and adjusters.
The other two tires have arrived.
I ordered two of the 9 1/2 inch wheels to try - if they were too big to fit the front, I could put them on the back and order the smaller wheels for the front. It looks like they fit just fine, so I ordered two more of the 9 1/2 wheels and two more 275/40 tires.
Detroit True-Trac was backordered, but finally arrived.
New lug nut set including locks
Tach was on the clearance rack at Summit for dirt cheap - and I needed to replace mine anyway!
C5 caliper brackets
New pedal pads (not pictured: new glove box latch)
Vertical bed moldings
(gently used) C5 front rotors
96 Camaro rear rotors
Bought a press so I could put bushings and ball joints in
New idler arm and center link
Summit brand rear gear installation kit
3.55 rear gears
96 Camaro rear calipers
Brake line and ARP ring gear bolts - If I'd noticed that the Summit kit contained ring gear bolts, I wouldn't have bought the ARP set - but they're better anyway, so I'll use em.
Complete C5 front caliper setup - Calipers, abutments, ceramic pads, clips, pins, seals, etc

Two of the wheels have arrived.
This is a (bad)photochop of what they'd both look like on this side of the car (need to lower the car a lot though)

On their way:

The other two wheels
Rear springs

Still to be ordered/purchased:

Bits to get rid of the sidepipes and move to a real exhaust.
Jeep Grand Cherokee steering box (and bits to adapt it)
Brake hoses (2000 'vette fronts, 69 Camaro fronts for the rear brakes)
86 Camaro rotors for the front hubs.