25 Apr 09
Getting parts

I had wondered, over the past 20 years I've had the car, if the El Camno had a posi that was worn out, or truly was a pegleg.  That question is now answered.

I removed the axles to get the backing plates off.  What a pain they were - of the eight bolts holding the two backings on, two bolts sheared off and two rounded out - I'm glad I'd picked up a bolt extractor kit.
And here's the brakes.  I've not decided yet whether or not I want to take these all the way down and sandblast the backing plate - it's been a while since I've done drum brakes but I do seem to remember that it really sucks to put them together, not something I'd want to do off a car... and with no brakes to compare assembly to, better that I not do these at the same time.  I do have a new set of shoes to put on them, and they look to need them. (Not pictured) I also grabbed the intermediate cable off the El Camino - there may be enough adjustment in the assembly to use it as well.
Found where the brake pedal from the Elky was hiding.  A bit of sandblasting, and it cleaned up real nice.
And then, of course, a coat of paint.  A little digging in the parts bin found a new pad for it, as well.  I didn't take pics, but I painted the parking brake pedal assembly as well - and a pad for it was in the parts bin as well.

I have identified another missing part - I do not seem to have a transmission crossmember.  I'm not seeing one in the pics when I got the car, so perhaps I never had one. Can't find the heater box either, but photos reflect that I did have it when I got the car so it must be hiding somewhere. Found the engine mount stands - I'd blasted and primed and painted them with proper automotive paint back in '03 or so, so they look new.

Did go shopping at Pep Boys though - got the lower ball joints and some brake line to redo the rear axle, found and cleaned up the MC/booster/distribution block from the Elky, dug out the bulk brake line and fittings, and special-ordered the rear brake hose and fuel sender.  No such luck on the control arm bushings; the O'Reilly's computer lists very few suspension parts for Chevelles at all, and what it does have is just silly - leaf springs?  Really?

Rain likely today, calculus test Wednesday, car still in the dirt next to the driveway... likely not much progress until Thursday or so.

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