25 May 2009
Bunches of little stuff

One of the better ideas my better half has come up with: the old patio umbrella as shade provider.
I assembled the steering column.  I'm not quite sure how it goes together - but I'm pretty sure the wheel isn't supposed to be off-center like this.
Installed the steel bushings.  This one was loose and needed a spot weld to make sure it didn't wander off.  The other one was fine.
I believe that this means I need to get a new brake booster.
Not pictured, because I didn't take a picture:

The interwebs report that my parts order should be delivered tomorrow.  That gets me the remaining bushings to finish the LCAs, and the cables to complete the parking brake.  New order will have to be created shortly: brake booster, outer tie rod end, heater core, pilot bushing.  I don't like the looks of the turn signal assembly, so probably that as well.

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