25 May 2010
El Camino Motor Mount Pt x

Apparently I am not focusing on the Chevelle.  I can't get the front clip on without removing the strap (between the car and a fence pole - we're all about redneck engineering here in Mesquite) that holds the car in place, so I can't really put the front clip on without setting up the parking brake, and I can't do that without the transmission crossmember in place so the cable works, and I shouldn't do anything that depends on that crossmember being in place without having a transmission in there... so I suppose I'm on hold there until I get the transmission parts.  Do still need to get the inner fenders and core support cleaned up and painted though.

I do not know how many times I've had to rework these motor mounts, or how many times I've chosen to rework them, or whatever perspective you want to have on them.  Hopefully this will be the last time.  If I get the motor mounts finalized, then the next step (I suppose) is notching the frame (correctly this time) and bracing the LCA mount, and then I can put the core support in and get a bit further.  Whee!

 Oh yeah, somewhere in there I need to do the body mounts too, I have some poly mounts to put in.  And I have to figure out the brakes, and the steering, and I think I was missing a rod boot on one of the tie rod ends, and I have a lot of cotter pins sitting around so I think I have failed to do something there.  The list goes on and on.

I'm starting to see a trend here -- the allen head bolt is grade 10.9, but they still strip out.  I am not sure if this is the second or the third that I've had trouble with. 

When the replacement bolt goes in, I reckon first I need to chase the threads with a tap, and then use antiseize.  

The regular bolts don't seem to have any problem; I guess it's something with the coating or something.
The plate is marked for the new motor mount.  I imagine I'll end up cutting it tomorrow, and I do not doubt that I'll have to notch the bottom to clear the engine's ribs.  Whee.
I have a problem, apparently.  I had a hole in my AC box.  I came up with a replacement to fix the hole.
I then promptly broke the replacement as well.

Tomorrow - planned, anyway - I'll borrow the pressure washer and get the Chevelle's tank cleaned up, and hopefully get this motor mount done.

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