25 Nov 2021
Bare Metal pt 2

And then the same for the passenger side.
I'd welded up a hole on the top of the fender when I was cleaning up the inside.  Never got around to grinding the bead down.  Also appears that I missed some rust on the upper edge.
And also missed some on the lower edge.
The passenger door was in remarkably good shape.
Except up here where it looks like someone tried to chew on it.

The rocker panel, on the other hand, is well rotten.
In case you forgot about this dent (from 2005), it's still a dent.
Without paint, it remains dent-shaped.
In progress.
I have a memory of replacing the driver's side fender in front of the wheel, and after welding in the patch realizing that I'd failed to add the bend to the panel.  Apparently I mis-remembered, and it was the pass side.  The bondo here approached half-inch thick.
I chipped some free with a chisel.
Lots of pick marks around this seam.
Some rust holes around the patch (also need to cut the patch out and put one with the right bend in it)
... also the rear flange on that panel is just wrong.
These are not rust holes.  They are, however, rust damage.  Unsure how I'm going to deal with them.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Unfortunately, that light is visible only through rust holes.
There's also some rust at the trailing edge of the pass rear - this would be covered by the bumper.
The tailgate closeout panel has definitely seen better days.  Will be trying to straighten this some.
The General definitely didn't skimp on mounting holes for trim.  These need welded up.
Lots of issues going on here.

Start with the tailgate handle - it's dented in and poorly welded, also all the dark spots are low spots that need straightened.
There is rust right above the hinge, on both sides.  I can't really get the wire brush attachment in here.

Near as I can tell, the "correct" plan is:

so that's what I'm going to do.

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