26 Jan 2013
El Camino: Do Things

Ok, so it's time to do things. No updates over the past few weeks since (as usual when I don't work on it) I had to spend quite a bit of time cleaning so I'd have room to work.
Started by removing the rear window trim.  I knew I had at least a little rust in the channel that I'd need to take care of.
It's hard to see with the flash, but there's a pinhole of light in the top right corner.  That's The Rust I Knew About.
So I took the window out.  There's quite a bit more rust than I expected.  I'm guessing it was leaking for a long time, and I never noticed the dampness of the material on the package tray.
A little more rust further down.
So I'm not welding today.

I installed the pedal assembly I had modified for the wider column.  I'd bought it used, it was from a 69 (?) Camaro but supposedly was the same as A-body.

Yeah, it isn't.  They're similar, but the A-body pedal assembly fits higher on the dash than the F-body assembly.  I'd have had to rework what I had to make it fit properly.  (See 22 April 2012 update for pics of it not fitting right)

Then I realized that that was silly, I already had a pedal assembly that fit correctly.... but I couldn't find it (part of the driving force behind cleaning was looking for this).

Found it today.  It fits better, other than the width issue. 
Alternate view of how well it fits (with the single auto brake pedal)
Moved the clutch and brake pedals over (since this was an auto car) but they're binding a little so I'll need to pull it apart and grease things.  Still need to adjust the width.

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