27 Aug 05
Answering my own questions

Over the past few days of tearing down the engine, there have been things that I was not sure about or was completely clueless. If you know LS1s well, you probably already knew all these answers. I don't know them at all so my research has found fun things.

All of the pics today are pics that have already been posted, along with what the answer to whatever question I had was.
Throwout bearing gets replaced. Not so sure about slave yet.
This is part of an O2 extension. Probably not needed (but we'll see once I get some headers and o2 sensors). If nothing else, it's good free wire to use to extend the other connectors.
This went to an O2 sensor. I believe it went to one of the rear sensors, which would mean it wasn't needed. There are two good sensor plugs on the harness, plus the two extensions so I should be able to make the front sensors work just fine.
This hole also exists on normal LS1 throttle blades, but this one is oversized - typically a mod done to work around a very large cam. If I can find the GM part number for a replacement blade, I think I'll go ahead and replace this one.
The cut wires go to the front (at least I believe it to be the front) O2 sensor on this side. This may be what the cut extension was attached to. Or maybe it'll be what it attaches to later.
The schraeder valve used in the fuel rail is the same as those used in tires. I just need to go to Autozone and pick up a pack of valve stem cores.
Looks like the cut wires are the 200 and 201 connectors - not important, just things like the ALDL connector, fuel pump enable, stuff like that. You know, optional bits. Really wish they hadn't cut it though; there's three grey wires between those two connectors and two green w/ white and now I get to try and figure out which is which.
Casting number would appear to indicate that the oil pump has already been updated to the later design. Verifying.
Stock LS1 cam.
Crank gets turned.

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