27 June 2009
Engine Mounted

Apparently I'm focusing on the El Camino these days.
The new motor mount plate is ready.  The holes for the stock mount are already drilled and tapped, just waiting for the mount to be attached.
And here the bolts are tightened down, the engine is lowered into place, and the long bolt for the mount has been installed.  At this point, other than putting washers and nuts on, the engine/transmission are installed.  (Okay, to be truthful, the bolts on the transmission mount aren't tightened down yet, but that's trivial).

Once I get the frame notch for the compressor lines done and the LCA reinforcements in place, it'll be safe to install the core support.
The other thing I've done lately is to build a welding table - 1/4 plate top, frame/legs built out of 2x2 box tubing.  This will make things easier.

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