No swapmeet this weekend, Denison is too far from here (and from what I hear, it's more of a show than a swap). Ballpark is in 2 weeks, will be there and hopefully will get some of the stuff I need to continue..

Started by taking care of the rust-holes around the pass door handle. Filled with weld-bead.
Then on to the rust at the bottom of the door. Here it is, after tacking the new piece in.
Ran a bead all around it. Had a couple of areas where I burned through, had to fill the burn-throughs with weld too.
Ground it all smooth.
Finally got all the parts to make the home axle-bushing-installer-tool-thing. Only had one bushing that needed to be pressed in, but this thing worked great (except that I didn't notice that the bushing was fully seated and kept tightening this thing down - bent the flat metal bit.. shouldn't affect the operation.).
For those that are curious, the parts list is as follows:
2 2" threaded pipe-things (don't know the name)
One 2" pipe cap
One 6" strip of 3/16"x1 1/4" steel (Might be better at 1/4"x1 1/4" for added strength)
1/2" allthread, about 10 inches or so.
2x 1/2"x13 nuts
2x 1/2" washers
Did some more sandblasting, added the coil spring retainers and the hood latch to the items-to-be-painted. The emergency brake handle assembly and the other hood hinge are almost complete.
Sanded the driver's door - I'd created some runs and sags when I shot the epoxy primer. This too is now ready for re-prime. Should be shooting some more primer as soon as the sandblasting is done, and the top of the hood is ready.