27 Oct 2013
Air Compressor

That giant air compressor that I got on 8 May has sold. It was just plain too big and too loud.
In its place, I bought a Puma 3HP 60Gal compressor from the local Northern Tool. 
It even fits well in the cabinet.  It is quieter than both the giant compressor and than the tiny 110v compressor that came before, and it seems to push a lot of air.
Once the compressor thing was sorted, it was time to do some actual work.

Here's the patch that needed to be done on the front of the pass side.
So I am still not sure what I'm doing about all the rust. My oldest says he has a friend who is a professional welder and would likely be able to come over next weekend to reweld the frame for me. Regardless of what happens with this car, I'll need to fix this floor rust for either me or whoever I sell the body to, so I'm going to move forward with rust repair.  Reckon it really just comes down to what I'm doing with the roof panel.

Oh, I fixed an issue where I'd used the wrong template for the timeline on the left and it wasn't showing a half-dozen updates or so. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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