At this rate, the pass pan will be in within a week. Then what will I do?

Started today by measuring and cutting and bending the patch for the rocker panel. Here it is before installation.
Used a magnet to hold it in place to verify fit.
Welded from the sides and bottom, then put another strip across the top, welded it all together.
Finally successfully tapped the remaining cage nut.
I testfit the pan again, and used spray paint to mark where the braces were. In this pic, I've already dimpled the points where the spot welds should be drilled.

Realized today that I have failed to drill the hole to mount the outer seatbelt bolt on the drivers side. The nut is in place, but you can't get to it. (circled, both sides)
Here's where it gets silly.
My Chevelle now has the power of PINE!
While I had the paint out to mark the braces, I had the great idea to paint a flamejob on this fender, since it'll be getting replaced. Somehow that became painting the whole fender with cheap spray paint.