28 Apr 2022

So yes, a lot of this update also counts as The Boring Stuff. But also I got the exhaust "done", for certain values of done.
Tack the parts together as I go. 
Comes together pretty well.
Fully weld it up, then paint with some high-temp paint.
Welds aren't great; they don't have to be.
Did add the bung for the wideband.
Then back to the boring.

Fill prime sand fill prime sand
fill sand prime
Looked like the hood patch job was a little too tall.  Hit it with a hammer, and the ground welds cracked.
"Hey!  I know!  I'll just run the TIG across this at low amperage, it'll fuse the crack!"

No, it will not.
MIG, grind, MIG, grind, MIG, grind.
MIG, grind, MIG, grind, MIG, grind.
Fill sand fill sand fill sand
It's boring to write, I'm sure it's boring to read, and it was boring to do.
I think this is below the final surface?
The other side should be fine.  I hope.

Remember when I said a smarter man would have replaced the hood?
Note to self:  When in doubt, replace the entire panel.
So much filler.
Not a big fan of how the primer soaks up the epoxy.. but I suppose that's what the surfacer is for.
Front end primed, again.
I missed the lower edge when I reprimed.
Can definitely see where the filler was/is.
Same same
Moved on to the interior wiring for a bit.  It's a mess, it looks like a mess,
Made a bracket to hold the relay and mounted it.  Wrapped more bundles with electrical tape.  Routed all the wires more in line with where they'll live.
It's improved.

Bonus: If you look bottom-middle, you might notice that the oil pressure line pulled out of the gauge.  Had to go buy a new ferrule to put it back.
With a second coat of primer it looks better.
She says "don't bother fixing the dents in the bed, that's her battle scars".  Well, easy enough then.  Strip the paint.
Seam sealer (not pictured) on every joint.  A little bit of all-metal on the pinholes at the weld seams (doesn't have to be great, it'll get rhino-lined)
Does look better now than it has in years.
This was the last of the epoxy primer.  A few spots really needed a heavier coat but this is all there was.
Also I made A Decision on the exhaust: Turndowns before the bumper.  I'll tuck the pipe up as high as I can.
After all the crawling around under the car today, I've found more spots that need filler or need more sanding... so I guess I need to get even more primer (even if most of the last two gallons got swept out of the garage in dust form)

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