29 December.

Oddly warm for December... far be it from me to complain though. Warm weather means that things get done.

Unfortunately, the camera I purchased - the Kodak EasyShare C813 - apparently sucks; mine won't turn on and from some searching, that's a common problem with them, with no real resolution from the manufacturer. So... I won't buy another Kodak, and you get pictures with the old 1.3 megapixel Olympus that still works.

The mounting of the transmission to the engine took place over the holiday break. I had a lot of issues -- starting with the inaccuracy of the cheap plastic alignment tool. A post pointed at Forte's as having steel tools that would do the trick, but they're out of them. Someone else suggested just taking the bellhousing off, and using the input shaft as the alignment tool - so that's what I did. Transmissions are heavy.

After repeated failures, I figured out what was going on... when I was feeling the shaft mesh and go the rest of the way in, what I was actually feeling was it clearing the second disk. When the measurement from the flywheel to the transmission face is roughly 5 1/2 inches, you're not in the pilot bushing. Once I figured that out, it went together easily - about 4 5/8" flywheel to tranny face measured on three sides to make sure it's centered, and angle finder used to make sure it's not crooked. Bolted together just fine at that point. I took some pics with the Kodak, but since it won't turn on I can't get them off the memory card (and it wouldn't turn on for the second half of the process in the garage so no pics there)

Today was the ceremony of the putting in of the engine. It went pretty well, and the engine hoist is now disassembled and placed in the attic.
I need to grind the rear corner of the steering box to clear the alternator. I also need to clean or replace the alternator. Steering box needs to come out anyway, I've broken two pullers trying to get the pitman arm off. I figure next step is to turn it upside down and use the press on it. While it's out it can be ground and painted. Belt clearance looks tight, but it's not so bad.
Okay, this was unexpected. The notch that I measured over and over again before cutting? Not even close to big enough. I'll have to take the compressor off and cut more.
With the belt on, you can see the clearance a little better... there's probably 1/4" to 3/8" between the belt and the steering box.
I'll need to replace these pointy coil bolts with non-pointy versions. I should probably also put the plug in now before I mount the AC box. Perhaps the box should be clearanced a bit.
Final pic of the engine in its new home.  Bolts are in but not tightened.
Between the slope of my driveway, the huge gap between the driveway and the garage, and the lip at the garage entrance, moving the engine around takes a lot of effort. If the weather remains nice, I should be back out there in the next few days.

Next up, either AC line clearancing or steering box... and then the car goes back on its wheels. While getting rid of the engine cleared some space in the garage, I really need to deal with the seats for the driver to get them out of the way too.  Still to come: Gussets for the LCA mounts, sway bar mounts, transmission mount.

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