29 June 2009
Lots of work, little updating.

Okay, this is Texas, it's summer. It's hot enough that I really can only get started out there at 6ish, and I have to come in at 8:30ish... but I'm making progress slowly.


It's way late for me; quick descriptions now to get this posted and maybe an edit later.
Okay, the goal is to remove the rear axle for ease of access to everything.  Start by jacking everything up...
and poof, you've got the axle.
If you'll remember, I accidentally cut this line when patching the top well.
I think this is the top well patch area; the welds look bad whereever it is.
I've run the brake line to the back, and painted the forward part of the undercarriage where I knew I was done.
The trunk area is rough.
I'd patched the wheelwell on the pass side; just need to get some 1/2" tubing to put at the bottom.
Driver's side wheelwell is rough.
Need to install the mount here.
Cleaning up the gap here on the pass mount.
Hole needs patched too.
Cut rust away from the driver's side.
Need to replace this flange too.
Mount installed.
Ran the lines for the rear brakes - easier when it's out.
Patch for the trunk floor/the flange
Cut the edge so it'd fold right
Patch for pass brace done
Partially done with the trunk floor
And the wheelwell
There's holes forward on the drivers' well though.
Easier to see when light streams through.
Back to the trunk.
Found some little rusted areas that needed work.  Here's two patched, and one not yet patched.
This area is guaranteed to look bad no matter how I patch it.
Trunk floor done.
Trunk completely done.  Short of primering and painting, I don't expect to do too much more here.
Forward rust in the wheelwell patched.
When I cut that ignition switch apart, I didn't know I needed to save the bezel nut... so I think I threw it all away.  I can't finish putting this together without it.
Wipers sorted.  Need to replace the washer outlets.
Not sure how this is supposed to go together.  Looks like you slide it down like this...
and then a turn clockwise and it locks in place.
The nubs keep the collar from pulling off.
However, these little nubs go into indentations in the column...
and when they do, you end up like this -- the switch isn't close to lining up.

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