29 May 2010
Chevelle Fuel Tank

I am cheap.  I haven't ever tried to deny that. 

Rather than buying the gas tank rubber pads, I've cut up a set of inner tubes.  Here, I've put weatherstrip adhesive on the strap to glue the tube on.
Tubes cut and stuck.  Clamping while it dries.  Once it was dry enough, took scissors and cut the excess off. 

Today's useless fact:  One 26" tube is enough to do both the straps and the braces.
Did the same for the braces under the car.  Straps installed, and then tank installed.   Bought the fuel cap last year knowing that I'd need it.

I think I've screwed up the way the fuel lines are routed though.  I think that when I repaired the damage I did back here (repair here, but no real detail on it) that I hooked the vent line to the regular fuel line.  I'm not really sure how the vent line is supposed to go; I know it goes up into the trunk and back down, but I don't know where it goes from there.

So, I suppose it almost goes without saying that I do not have the lines hooked up.

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