Today's pics all look the same to me. You may be able to get some use, or at least some amusement out of them.

Used screws to fit the pan to the braces. The more screws I added, the better the shape of the pan matched how it should fit.
I'm not sure why I have the bend in the pan near the outer seatbelt hole. The rest of the pan seems to be fitting properly. The bend will have to go, but the rest of the pan is fitting properly.
I heated and shrank the extra metal near that seatbelt hole after only tack welding around the perimeter..
Both of these pans have had issues with the way they fit in the front near the tunnel. I've heated and hammered and heated and hammered it here until it fits semi close.
Here's where I called it a day. The pan needs to be trimmed near the rear vertical brace (9 o'clock on the picture) before I can weld that corner. You can see some of the heated and shrank portion of that bend at 6 o'clock, although it's cut off some.
End of day, front of pan. Can't really see it, but I had to do some more heating and hammering on the inner corner. I still have to finish welding the perimeter (but much of it is already done) and weld the braces from below. Also need to remove the screws and plug-weld where the screw was, and finish plug-welding the other holes.

If the other side was any indication, I'll also need to heat and hammer the overlapped portions of the pan from below to get them to fit closely. I've also got to create a small patch to cover the front of the pan, outside edge - it doesn't fit tightly. Then it's either off to the rear seat, or replacing the kick panels. Once I remove the body mount bolt under the rear brace on this side, I would be able to remove the body from the frame if I took the fenders off. I've not yet decided whether I'm going to, but I'm leaning towards not taking it off. In that case, I just need to lift each side enough to put the bushings in..

I got a sheet (2 ft by 3ft) of 16ga steel this weekend - that's some thick metal. It should suffice for repairs to the rear brace, and anything else that comes up that's structural.