2 June 2013

You know what would be really cool?  If I could go out and do some work on the car without finding a) a repair I did years ago that I'm ashamed of my work on, or b) some more rust.

Yeah, this weekend (and last weekend) weren't so good on those fronts.
Cleaned up the bed some, and found that the back of the cab has some large rust holes.  Also really not happy with my welding of the bed-patch-panels in; that's going to be a bigger pain to correct than the back of the cab.
At least I *think* I'll be able to use a flat bit of metal to patch the back of the cab.
I've been putting it off for months (years) - it's time to fill the holes that won't be needed on the firewall.  Here I've cut out the part of the column hole that will be part of the clutch pedal assembly.
Patch panel made with the bent lip.
Same done on the old fusebox hole.
I bought a couple of wire brush attachments for the drill, they work really well at cleaning up seam sealer and funk.

Note the notch I'd cut for the AC box.  This was a mistake.
Tore down the passenger side door too.  Add door-edge-stainless to the shopping list; the larger bit didn't survive.
Either a) my car is set to ride far too high, or b) I've got a problem with the SPC UCAs.  More research required; either way, I'll likely need some manner of droop stop.
Whatever the round hole is at 8 o'clock to the wiper motor.. it's fixing to not be a hole.  Same with where the speedo cable used to come in.
I think I may need to replace the driver's pan; there's a lot of rust to it here (and some holes).
Remember the notch for the AC box?
Mistake corrected.
I can't get the big grinder at some of these welds.  I need to get some more Roloc disks, I think.
I cut the driver's side cowl side off (remember how bad they were, and that I bought new side panels in 2008).  Found some (surprise!) additional rust inside.
 The plastic plug is broken.  Need to replace.  Think this is the skip-shift solenoid, so perhaps I just need to bypass and have a nice day.
Wirebrushed some.  Marks indicate where I'm contemplating cutting the old metal out. 
I know I have to replace the rear bit where the hole is.  Not so sure about the inner layer.
Top of the cowl needs some repair on the edge too.
And I still need to fabricate the flat panel on the bottom.  Unsure how it mounts to the inner side of the cowl.
And with that, I've had far more fun than the law will allow for the weekend and I'm calling it 'done'. I need some seam sealer before I get much further. Looks like the opening on the inside will allow me to re-prime and seam-seal the inside after putting it together.

 And then do it all again on the passenger side.

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