Outer wheelhouse and rear axle

Cardboard template I used to make the wheelhouse patch.
Marked out the new metal.
Just like the quarter, I cut along the edge to get a good butt weld. I stuck a broom-handle behind this panel so I didn't accidentally cut through the outer skin.
The huge gap at the bottom is from the broomstick. I didn't take any more pics of this panel being put in; it's still not welded across the bottom. I have a plan there, but I'm not sure yet if it'll work.
Drilled the holes for the emblem a little oversize so I can adjust the angle. Broke out the Roloc discs to see how well they work, the scotchbrite ones worked great for stripping the paint on this part of the panel.
Pass side axle. The seal/bearing area seems to be in good shape.
Driver's side. Again, the seal and bearing area seems to be good.
The complete axle. It's too bad it's not already a posi, I'd just need to do seals and bearings and install the caliper brackets and it could go back together.

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