2 Nov 2020
Pass fender 2

So, of course, once the weldery is done, need to get back to the initial plan: prime and paint the inside/where the hinge mounts.  Priming is done.
Not my best work, but... it's the inside of a fender.  It doesn't matter.  In fact, it matters so little that I failed to take a picture once I had the paint on it.
I need two of these screws (they're for the parking lights, which are different from the Chevelle equivalent.  Did not find at my local specialty hardware store.  Have not investigated.
Finally got around to drilling-tapping the weld table for the bender so I could get a nice crisp edge on the dash panel.
I did not get a crisp edge.
So the sandblaster is its own little story.

I like the cabinet very much, but the gun is abysmal.

I'm going to call this the "blow test": disconnect the pickup hose from the gun, and try to blow through the port into the gun.  The gun that came with the cabinet flowed very little with the larger nozzle, and not at all with the smaller.  Neither one worked for sandblasting.

So I went to Northern and got this gun.  It worked pretty well, but the aluminum nozzles are absolutely a consumable - I wore out both of them from this kit!

Instead of rushing back up to Northern to get new nozzles, I tried the smaller gun from the old cabinet I threw away... and it worked better than any of the others. 
I made a pile of blasted parts.  I really only *needed* the hinges and springs (and I suppose the washer bottle bracket) but as long as I'm at it....
...and primed, because that's the next step, and it was warm enough to do so.
While waiting on the primer to dry, spent more time on the harness - need to extend the harness to the ECU by about three feet to mount up by the battery.  It's very slow.
Warm enough to put paint on these parts.  They came out really nice.  I need to wrap the bumper brackets up in newspaper and put them in a box to protect them, since I won't need them for a while.
and then, of course, the pass fender fell over and got a nice dent.  Don't know if that's really visible here or not.
Suppose next up is more extending-of-wiring, the driver's fender, and the dash. Need it to be warm enough to shoot primer and paint on the fender though so maybe I should hurry there.

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