30 Dec 2012
Ok, that sucked.

So: yeah. Nothing works out the way one would intend.

I didn't get a Corvette. Or a Camaro. Or a Mustang or a Challenger or a Viper or a G8 or a GTO. No, the car I got is absolutely everything I don't want in a car: 4 door, FWD, auto, 4cyl, cloth interior. I do not like it. Perhaps in a year or so it will be traded in.

So it would appear that my portion of the bargain is unneeded: I did not get something better, so why sell the Chevelle?

(To be honest, the CL ad expired several months ago and I'm disinterested in relisting it. If you really want the car, let me know; perhaps with your money and trading in my current DD I can get something I like). It looks like the TA is sold (he's pending his tax return to pay for it) as of today; the BMW was sold yesterday.

I am told that the proceeds from the TA will go to the El Camino. Shopping list includes:

and tools: Will I get all these? Probably not.

Most of the tools are optional anyway - the stud welder is for the dents in both cars, not needed today; most of the rest are just nice-to-have. Headers yes. Something with the AC/Alternator yes. Steering probably. Rotors probably. The rest doesn't need to be soon.

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