31 Jul 2022
Post-mortem 2

I'd just put the flourescent dye in a couple of days prior, and a question came to mind if I'd screwed up the oiling system during assembly.

Apparently not, the flourescence is here in this head
This one too.
I really didn't want to pull all this apart.
But - the #5 piston is in small chunks and the connecting rod is too.
The head took some damage too.
Engine is out.
Bay needs washed.
Oil pan looks to be in better condition than it really is - it's still cracked in about eight places.
Wrist pin trying to break through the windage tray.
Something came through on this side and I believe this is where the pan broke too.
With the windage tray removed, here's the scene.
The bearings have been hammered flat; one of the compression rings was wedged into the counterweight for #6/#7 (and was stopping the engine from turning)
Closeups of the bearing surfaces.
Wrist pin is fine
Crank is not.
Here's what I found of the big end of the rod.  One bolt is loose, one is bent and broken.
The sleeve is also shot
Maybe easier to see here.
On a happier note - my LQ9 is being delivered tomorrow from the local salvage yard, the cam seems to have come through it mostly okay, a bunch of parts have been ordered from Summit and arriving later this week. Not much in the way of "upgrades" planned for this batch of parts, not even convinced I'm going to tear the engine all the way down - first thing is a leakdown test.

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