31 May 2009
Front suspension assembly

Mixed up some of that Tractor and Implement enamel I picked up.  Almost everything that got primed yesterday got painted today.  Some, like one of the hood hinges, I had sandblasted and primed back in 03 or so.  The other hood hinge was still dirty.  I can definitely tell the difference.  I may end up reblasting/repriming/repainting that hinge. 
Top priority for the painting was the sway bar.  I also found the z-bar and put some paint on it too.
Replaced the outer tie rod and finished putting the front end together.  The only thing missing is tightening the LCA bolts, and that'll be after the engine is in.
Sway bar installed too.  Funny story: I ordered the wrong sway bar bushings.  I ordered 15/16", when I actually needed 13/16".  Oops.  I looked in my Suspension drawer, and there were a pair of 13/16" bushings!
I hadn't sandblasted the stock sway bar bushing brackets, since the replacement poly bushings had new brackets.  Oh well.
New booster and old master cylinder.  Starting to come together.
I think that the brake rod connects to the upper hole for power applications.
Z bar installed too, such as it is.
Here's what I was talking about on the turn signal - looks like a wiring repair gone wrong, and the column still goes together crooked.

I also found in one of the drawers a complete set of locks and keys, including a new ignition switch. I guess I got them for the Camaro (not that I remember buying them - perhaps the seller threw them in?), but they'd work here too. They use the newer style keys though, so I'll hold what I got.  Starting to think that given enough time, every part I need would turn up in those drawers though.  Still haven't found the trunk latch though.  Also missing the odd bolts for the wiper motor, and pretty sure the wiper linkage is still up in the attic, in primer. 

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