3 Mar 09
Pate Swap Meet

Car is on hold - the timing of school has changed a little.  Calculus test was rescheduled for tomorrow, and then the final is a week later so there will be a lot of studying and not much car between here and there.

No pictures today.  Went to the Pate on Saturday, left before the storms rolled in (if they were anything like the ones here, that's definitely a good thing.)

Picked up some parts.

Had made the decision that instead of a TH350, the true cheapie way to get the car driveable, I was going to rebuild my Muncie instead and do it right.

This, of course, changes the shopping list.  Don't need the floor shifter or the tranny now, but now need bellhousing, flywheel, clutch, and manual shifter as well as the bits to rework the tranny.  Realized I was also missing the tranny crossmember.

I picked up some parts at Pep Boys last week, and then picked more up at the Pate.

Total spent last week at Pep (I believe these to be the right prices, I can't find my notes right now.. will update as appropriate.):

and then there's the Pate.

I got a bellhousing PN 3858403 - so I'll be using a 10.5 inch clutch.  I paid 60 for the bell with clutch fork, and then four spaces down I found an 11" clutch/pp/flywheel for 40 bucks but it wouldn't fit with this housing.  Both of these were on the second to last row we were going down.  Had we gone the direction we typically go, it would have been the second row and I probably would have got the clutch and then been looking for a housing.

I got an ignition switch, a lock set, the radiator support bushings, trunk floor brace, and fuel tank straps.  All of these are things that are good to buy new (except maybe the switch) but I've really got to remind myself that I am trying to go cheap here... especially when I read about upgraded Muncie cases and the like.  Clutch I maybe should get new but flywheel can be used and ground, etc.

All told this weekend, on the new parts listed above, I spent 183$, bringing the total spent to 286.80.  I should be able to finish the sheetmetal now, clean and reinstall the tank, and get a good start on the front suspension - there is some question on the sizes for the LCA bushings so I haven't bought them yet.

Oh, I also picked up a replacement taillight lens to replace my broken one -- but it's the wrong side.  Oops, guess I should have taken notes on which one I needed.  At least it's better than the one I had for that side .  Another 5 bucks spent - new total 291.80.

Did not get the heater box rebuild kit, the pads for the brake and clutch pedals, and a couple of other little things, but the next swap meet is in about 6 weeks, they'll wait until then.

My email is down, so some of the other feelers I have out there for some of the other used parts may be waiting for me when the server comes back.

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