3 Nov 2013
More Floor

I ground the welds I'd done to the front of the pass side floorpan some, but I didn't take a picture. 

Instead, I started on the constellation of rustholes on the rear of the pass side pan.

Rather than handle each area individually, I decided to replace that whole area.  Here you see the in-progress.
In this image, as you can see, I've started welding in the patch.
I have been having feed problems with the welder.  Sometimes it feeds the wire correctly and I get really good welds... and sometimes the drive roller just spins and barely moves the wire, and then I get things that aren't really welds.

Pretty sure I've narrowed it down to needing to replace the cable liner.  I'll pick one up on the way in to work tomorrow.

I've also been running with far too much shielding gas pressure.  I guess that's from when I was trying to use up what was left in the tank, but the result is that between the floor patches and the cowl repair, I've almost used the entire bottle of gas again. 

This is where I left this, since I'm having trouble welding.
For your enjoyment, this is what the panel I cut out looks like with the sky behind it.  Silver paint pen used to mark areas that I knew had problems; looks like I missed some too.
The car continues to shed the old paint in chunks.  This is without any sort of tool usage; just peel where it's already peeling up.

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