Started by installing the body mount bushings on the driver's side.. except for this one, up front.. I could not get the bolt to start, it just sits and spins without catching at all. To get to the cage nut, I could either cut another hole in the floor or remove the front clip. I wasn't really ready to take the clip off yet, but it beats cutting the floor.
Of course, started by removing the hood. It came off with absolutely no trouble at all.
Hinges gave no problem either.
Many bolts came out easily.
Many did not (circled)
but the ones that needed to come out to remove the front clip as a unit did. The radiator support bolts sheared off, conveniently enough.
Here's the car with no clip. Remarkably little rust.
The cowl is in remarkably good shape, it needs cleaned up and some sanding to get rid of the rust, but there's no rust holes to worry about.
Same on the sides.

I whacked my thumb today, twice.. I'm giving even odds on whether the nail will fall off. It hurts, but I hope to get out there tomorrow and remove the nuts that are spinning so I can disassemble the clip.