4 April 2012
Wait, I'm supposed to *do* things?

Ok, so it's been FOREVER since I updated, which is because it's been forever since I did anything. Today I did something: I removed the interior and the dash pad (which is part of the interior) from the El Camino.

Time is limited as with new job my getting-home time is much later than it used to be.  At least now there's a little daylight left.

Crappy blurry pictures brought to you by iPhone.
So you can't tell because it's a blurry mess, but here's the interior with no dashpad or door panels or visors or rear-view-mirror.
This is where the motor is.  I will have to put the firewall back at some point, and I will have to put in access holes for the bellhousing bolts as otherwise I'll never be able to take it off.
This blurry picture shows a gray transmission-shaped blob in the middle of something fuzzy, probably the tunnel.

Note to self: Don't ever use the iPhone camera again.

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