4 July 2010
EC Steering/Brakes

Know first off that I couldn't find my camera, so I had to take pictures with my phone.  Know also that the iPhone takes crappy pictures.

The 4th gen Camaro column I'm using is different from the original El Camino column.  The spacing on the bolts near the wheel is wider - roughly 6" rather than the roughly 5 1/4" the original column used.  Also, the Camaro column has a different mount at the firewall, though the diameter of the column is about the same.

So - started today by cutting around the flange for the bottom mount for the column.  You do not have to go very deep here, the flange is very thin.  I went too deep, but not deep enough that I am worried about the shape of the remaining bits.
The El Camino flange fits just fine, although I am not sure how it should be oriented here.  I also don't know what size the bolts are for the clamp; they're smaller than the 1/4" bolts I had to play with.
Since the bolt spacing at the dash is wider on the Camaro column, I needed to widen the bracket for the brake/clutch pedal.

Apparently I needed a reminder that recently welded metal is hot; after I set myself on fire I stopped for the day.

So I still need to drill the pedal assembly, find bolts for the column base (and I suppose the scored bit of the insulation is the part I need to open up for the clutch pedal), and modify the bottom part of the dash. Then the column and pedals can be mounted.

I also looked at what modifications I'm going to need to make to the Camaro's brake booster.  They are... substantial.  I might be better off coming up with a regular El Camino booster.

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