4 Jul 2022
Paint (!?)

I knew the easiest way to keep dust out of my paint was to close off everything else away from the painting area.
Have to leave the air intake for the water heater, of course.
The garage is slightly too small to squeeze past the front of the car when the door is closed, so framed out an extension of a couple of feet.
The one screw attaching this extension to the house is in this corner.
Tarped off the rest of the area.
Here's what we're working with.  Most of this is the high-build primer; anywhere that it looked like I'd burned through to bare metal got some reduced epoxy primer to seal it.
The opening near the fridge wasn't to be closed up until spray-time; the garage door won't close with the plastic in the way there.
The bed got taped off too, it'll get some sort of spray-in bedliner.
The loose parts got hung from the ceiling.
The sealer (SPI) is applied.  It's ~102 outside so probably 110 in the garage.

The fans do a good job of pulling overspray out, but not in keeping me cool.
Not pictured: I got the sleeve from the bunny suit stuck in the sealer on the pass side rear.  Had to quickly fill with glaze and reshoot.  Hopefully it's not noticeable.
Then comes the fun part: the basecoat.

3 coats of SPI black.  Laid down smooth.
And then, the clear.
Of course I had a lot of orange peel.  It's shiny but it's not flat.
Sand with 2000-3000-5000-8000, now it's flat but not shiny.
And then with some buffing (3M 36060 with their 33037 pad, and then their 06068 polish with a 05733 pad)

n.b.: The 33037 pad on Amazon says it comes two to the bag - it lies; they're individual.
More of the same on the fender.
Door, in progress.
And complete.

At this point, I've run out of 2000 grit sandpaper (I don't wipe it off often enough and get clearcoat buildup that won't come off) so I can assemble the parts that are done and sometime this week I'll make another pilgrimage to Summit.
Probably goes without saying that I'm beyond tickled on how well this came out.

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