4 June 2009
Engine Retrieved!

Started by digging some of the important stuff out of the attic, like the dash.  It looks like it got repainted at one point - it's not plastic-chromed, and some of the areas that should be black aren't, like the turn signals and the "Chevelle" text.
Alternate view.  The metal thing is the reinforcement for the mount points at the top.
Also dug out the fan and the wiper linkage.
Most importantly, I pulled the hoist down from the attic (yes, I keep my engine hoist in my attic - I don't have a shed to put it in).
The engine was on the passenger side of the El Camino, behind the parts washer.  Hard to get to, had to move everything over to get there.  Here it's on the stand in the driveway.
It took me about two hours to get the engine from the driveway to the garage.  Some of my biggest problems with this house stem from that.

Anyway, I've got my work cut out for me here.  The engine itself is fine - it was running well when I broke the transmission in the El Camino, and only has ~10k miles on a rebuild... although it is possible that I wiped a lobe on the cam.
Here's part of why I hate this house: Not only is there that goofy lip at the edge of the garage, but the expansion joint is more like 1.5 inches across, and the wheels of the dollys and hoists get stuck in it.
I've got work to do to the engine. So far I've identified:

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