29 May 2019
The Boring Stuff

So - what's the least interesting possible thing to document? Probably applying and sanding filler. Enjoy.
This fender was repaired somewhere before I got the car (read: somewhere in the 80s) with a lot of plastic filler.  Now that I took it down to bare metal, I need to apply my own new coat.
The gate-dent is partially filled
The panel below the rear window too.

So this is the point where it proper became too cold to do bodywork.

The supplies all get moved to the spare room so they don't freeze, and time to pick a new section to work on.
I went to a junkyard and got the wiper motor bracket I needed.
It came with the motor, because of course it did, but it's SO filthy.

I don't want to worry about this until the windshield is in, so next project:

She hated the exhaust.  To be fair, so did I, but it was free (or free-adjacent).  So, I was instructed to go buy what I needed to do it proper.
Also instructed to get cutouts.  Well, not too much twisting of arm required.
It's a 2 1/2" system rather than the 3" I had on before, it's got the proper over-the-axle pipes and everything.  And an X-pipe, because why not?
The pipes in the rear are just hanging for now, I want to have the bumper on before I set their final location.
Car goes up in the air for exhaust, may as well leave it there for bodywork too.

ADD strikes again!

The passenger door doesn't line up well.  I was using that to help guide the gate-dent filler but it's hard with the misalighment.
Looks like the striker is part of the issue.  Blurry pic so maybe it's not obvious - but the allen part of it is somewhat rounded and I can't loosen it.
Lots of contemplating how to get it out, everything from welding a big nut on the end to drilling a hole to get penetrating oil on the threads.  This seemed easier.
It worked, so that's good.
What's even less interesting to watch (or read about) than body filler?  Panel alignment.  This is after many, many changes to the hinges.  The door was hanging low (and not worn out bushings) and too far forward.
That'll work.
Also brought the front of the door out at the top and it lines up with the fender pretty well now (gap at the top rear of the fender is a little larger than I'd like but I don't think I'll be doing anything about it)
Had to pull the fender partway off to get to the door hinges, which meant that the hood hinge was unbolted - which leads to realignment of the hood.  This is after closing with no "press down on the back edge", so I'm happy.
Gap is acceptable.  It's spring, though, in Texas; it's going to be warm but it's going to rain frequently.  I don't want water hitting the bare metal.

Also - the Summit branded epoxy primer sands REALLY poorly.  It's just rough where it's been sanded.
So sand more, then put some more of the epoxy on the front edge just to protect from the forecast rain this weekend.  Assuming I'll be able to get out there.

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