I pulled the nut for the body mount that wasn't 'catching' out, ran a body bolt through it... no problems. Once I put it back in, bolt still wouldn't catch. Had Michael put the bolt through without the nut being in place.. was obvious that the bolt was just a little short to catch. Since I don't have any longer bolts, I cut the bottom bushing in half. Bolt went in just fine with the shorter bushing, and it should still isolate the body from vibration some.

Went ahead and took the heater box out, now that I could get to all the bolts. It's seen better days, but is in serviceable condition. I have not yet removed the inside heater stuff.
Firewall gets more and more bare every day.
Michael had a great idea about how to get the spinning J-nuts out.. tack weld the nuts to whatever part of the body they're supposed to be on. This works quite well for most of them. While I was working on taking the clip apart...
... Michael cut the windshield out. I wasn't expecting him to do it, so it was a great surprise when he called me over to help lift the windshield.
Dash and windshield channel have a little more rust than I had thought. These holes will get cut out and new metal welded in.