5 Jul 2009
Welding done

Okay, so the welding is complete on the inner fenders.  You don't get any pictures because - frankly - my welding there was not of a quality I feel comfortable in claiming.  In my defense, it was cramped and I couldn't even turn my head with the helmet on so getting a good position wasn't possible.

Here you see the undercarriage after I shot a first coat of Chassis Black on everything.
... and then, "crap.".  Still needed to fix this spot.

More welding that you don't get to see.
Went up in the attic and pulled down the front clip, we're getting close to needing it.

Here's most of it...
.. and here's most of the rest.
Rear axle is.. mostly.. under the car; I'd forgotten just how much I hated putting axles in.

So anyway, the welding is done. Fuel line damage has been repaired. Rear axle should be in tomorrow, then the fuel tank can get cleaned up and installed, and the car can come off jackstands... and then the engine goes in!

One week left on the challenge.

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