Weekend, lots of stuff.

Removed the rest of the heater assembly.
I removed the molding clips, then Michael took the wire brush to the windshield channel. Debating using POR Putty to fill the holes in the channel.
Drilled the holes for the two seatbelt mounts that hadn't gotten drilled before.
Removed the top frame. That thing is heavier than the windshield was!
Removed the well trim and the top retainer.
This is what the clips for the well trim look like.
(blurry pic) Mounted the inner seat bracket for the pass side. At this point, I suppose it's safe to say that the pass pan is complete. I didn't take a picture, but I did grind the welds on the underside of the pans.
This one foot on the pass seat is rusted away. How do you fix this?
Separated the rest of the front clip parts, with the exception of removing the inner fenders from the fenders. It looks like all the bolts on those will have to be drilled out. Ugh.
Spent the last hour of the day cleaning up the garage. This is 'before'.
This would be the 'after'.
Car sits back on the original side of the garage. Long day has ended.

Tomorrow is the show/swapmeet at the Speedway. Hopefully I'll come home tomorrow with new quarters, trunk pan, and random POR products. Whee!