Countdown to quarter!

I finished the maintenance on the El Camino (see the El Camino pages for details) so it was time to get back to work on the Malibu.

There was a list of things that needed to happen before I could install the pass quarter -

Fix the sticky window
Patch the hole in the side near the rear window regulator
Before I could patch that hole, I had to replace the rear seat plan.

Today, it all began.
The bracket is in the way of doing any real work in this corner of the seat-pan.
I started a bit more aggressively on cutting that bracket out of the way. It shouldn't be too hard to weld the cuts back together. Here's what it looks like under the bracket.
I wanted to leave the seat-bottom-bracket attached for now, I didn't want to try to get it to line back up later.
Here's what was left after I cut out what I wanted to cut out.
I used the panel I cut out to mark which portion of this panel. Used a silver paint-marker for this, worked great.
Umm.. oops? I failed to measure how far up the pan covered before cutting out the old one. While some may think that this is a major screw-up, I'll just claim that I meant to do this and it'll all work out.
Here's the rusted panel that needs to be fixed before the new quarter goes on.
And here's what it looks like once if was replaced.
Can't really see, but the inner part of the panel is also taken care of. The gaps at the front edge of the seat-pan don't need to be fixed before the quarter goes on.. the only reason I needed to get the rest of the seat pan installed before I could do the quarter is because the side panel has a flange that sits on top of the seat pan.
(no pic)The sticky window was taken care of by a large volume of white lithium grease.
I've tack-welded the quarter in place and drilled the holes for the emblem. I had read somewhere a discussion about another way to replace quarters - namely, tack them in place, then use a body-saw to cut between the tacks so you can butt-weld it instead of the lap-weld the driver's side was done with. I don't have a body-saw though. I'll try with a sabresaw. I found today that if I use the cutoff wheel, the gap ends up too large.

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