Ok, I suck.

Musclerides.com bought the T56 article I wrote last spring but I still don't think it's available for reading. I'm back at school full time (associates after the coming fall semester) plus my job has really cut down on my time and inclination to work in the garage. Now it's summer and I have no class, so I'm back at it.

The test fit of the engine showed that if the frame mounts stay where they were for the 396, the back edge of the accessories will all hit the mounts.

Came up with the brilliant idea to move the mounts back.

Of course, the first step in that is to pull the engine back out (sigh). Did that a couple of weeks ago. No pics, I'm sure you know what pulling an engine looks like (if not, refer back to the update where I pulled the 396).

Now that the engine is out, took the frame mounts off. With those out, now would be the time to clean up and paint the frame and do the front suspension.

Unfortunately, garages that are not in active use get filled with crap that just gets in the way. These mattresses will be leaving soon, I hope.
Frame mounts off, steering box removed, idler and center link gone, tie-rods gone (well, one of them -- the driver's side didn't want to come off and for some reason the brake backing is in the way of the pickle fork this time).
Once the mattresses are gone, I can move the car over a foot or so and take the rest of the front suspension off to rework. With that off, I'll wirebrush the whole frame and get some primer and paint on it.

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