6 Nov 2021

With the improved spot cutting bits, removal proceeded.
And then the roof fell off.
Saved for posterity?  I don't know what I'm going to do with this.
The braces are well seasoned.
Also still have the remnants of the insulation
Cleaned up.  It looks like the headliner brace (right middle) had been cut to clear the sunroof.  Reckon I'm going to need that.
Test-fit the roof.  This is how it clears the rear.
It doesn't look like the back edge of the roof lines up well with the existing flange. 
  With more vice-grips it lines up much better - the flange comes up to meet the roof.
And the front edge works too. 
Do need some repair on this side.
It fits pretty well. 
  Punched the holes for the spot welds, and drilled for the windshield trim studs.
I ordered new braces to replace the missing headliner brace. This one came with, didn't realize that I needed to replace this one.  Maybe I don't.
The rear brace is just fine, even though I got a new one.  Also note that I coated the "hidden" part of all these braces with POR-15 (yes from that same can still).
And this came instead of a headliner brace.  I don't know what this does, I don't know where it goes.  It doesn't look long enough to really go here.
As a reminder, this is the remnant of what I need to replace.  The unknown brace does not appear to be the same thing.

I'll have to call OPGI on Monday.
I do not quite like the way the driver's rear of the roof lines up with the B-pillar.
Passenger side is acceptable.
Also the new rods - while their shape does match the existing rod I have - are about .002 larger in diameter than the current one.. which means I'll need to expand the holes.

(ignore the actual number on the gauge; it's not .271)
Also I mounted the AC condensor.  This is not the final-final location, it needs to be moved away from the radiator a little.
I bought the paint for the dash top/dash face, the high-end seam sealer for the bed close-out panel, and the adhesive for the rear window from the local Sherwin-Williams Automotive. Since the high-build primer there was stupid expensive, I ordered some U-POL from Amazon.

Also we have The Plan for the interior. I need stock headliner, visors, sail panels, door panels, and carpet in dark grey. Unfortunately, that wasn't a factory color that year.   Carpet was always going to be custom - the larger tranny hump would prevent proper stock carpet.  None of this is useful until I get the headliner brace handled.

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