8 Mar 2020
Rear End Continues, and Grab Bag

Why do I only update every 2-3 weeks? I don't know!
I did get the e-brake brackets and apparently didn't take any pictures while I was getting them onto the calipers (an hour for the first one, five minutes for the second).

Bought a stock 94 Camaro ebrake cable just to check routing.  It'll be fine.
If the calipers are in their final location, then it's safe to add tabs for the hoses.

(Not pictured: also painted the new tabs and ran the hardline and connected it all up)

Lokar ebrake cable is on its way and that should complete this evolution.

Relevant p-t.com discussions here and here.
I'm not going to be cutting up the headers.  Instead, I hit them with a hammer.  I'd been pointed at this video (if the link wanders off, it's the episode of Engine Masters where Freiburger and Dulcich beat up a set of headers on an engine while it's on a dyno to see just how much power is lost - spoiler: damn near none) so I became okay with pounding some dents.  Still needs a little more but at least it bolts to the head now.
Same answer on the driver's side, but this is fine and doesn't need any more beatings.

Oddly enough, the driver's side I'll have to move the o2 bung as it exits the header right at the frame curve and there's not room for the sensor; pass side won't require the updates.
So this is horrible.

Not in a "what kind of novice welder would make those welds" - I'd mentioned back in April about my gas flow issues when I did this abomination.

The part I didn't realize at the time was that the flange wasn't supposed to be against the firewall - it's to seal to the hydraulics bracket!

I don't really know how I'm going to handle this yet, beyond cleaning up the welds.
So if you measure a double-d shaft, the dimension across the flats is NOT the actual size - it's the long dimension across the Ds.  The Camaro steering column is a 1", compared to the 3/4" shaft laying across it.
I found the keys.  They fit, they work.
I mounted the column, temporarily.
Need to alter the panel a little behind the abomination-clutch-hole-thing.

And then I went to Summit!

I lost faith in my plan (from 2008!) for the pickup-pump-filter on the stock tank.

Instead - Tanks makes a full kit with an in-tank pump (with baffling, etc.) and I don't have to clean up my old tank.

Do need to figure out the little bracket that goes on the filler tube (not pictured, maybe next time), new tube doesn't have one.

Getting it from the local Summit beats having to pay shipping.

Got a u-joint that *should* fit the Camaro column.

Also - not pictured - apparently my fuel line for the engine was low quality and I needed to not be using it (p-t discussion here) so I got the equivalent Fragola hose and All Should Be Well.

So really the current status is:

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