Quarter, part III...

Yesterday realized that I needed to find the rubber strip that goes between the quarter and the outer wheelhouse before I welded it up any more. I spent the whole evening cleaning the garage.. I did not find the strip (I found some door weatherstripping that will work instead) but I freed up a lot of space.
Much like I did with the top edge of the quarter, it was time to take the sabresaw down the joint here. Here you see the cut with just a tack weld holding it all together. Speaking of the cut across the top, the cut-off part fell down and I was able to pull it out in one long piece - I had hoped it would, but was pretty sure that one of the tack welds would have grabbed hold.
Welded it all together. I'm quite pleased with the tiny welds in this pic.
Not so pleased with the larger welds, but they are sticking metal to metal so I guess they'll do.
Door jamb "before" pic. I wish I'd drilled some holes for plug welds before I attached the rest of the panel. I drilled as well I could but they would have been better if I had drilled them through completely without hurting the panel beneath.
The silver arrows point at pinholes in the weld along the top edge. These have been corrected. Note that the trunk lid is "bowed". Not sure what the fix is for this.
The back half of the rocker is caved in. This will present a problem when trying to mount the rocker trim, so needs to be fixed.
I'd picked up a slide-hammer years ago at Autozone just for the sake of having one when I needed it... which would be today. I cut along the back edge of the portion of the rocker I was trying to pull out just because the metal just wasn't moving otherwise!
Pretty close to the proper contour. A lot closer than it was, anyway.
Welded up the screw-holes. Here's the final result. Will take a little bit of filler, but every time I'd grind it a little smoother I'd grind through somewhere else, so I stopped here.
I did find a couple more small rust-spots to fix (circled).
Check it out, I ground the weld in this small area and it came out pretty damn smooth. Should only take a skim-coat of filler to smooth it out.
Top, rear, front, and the front portion of the bottom edge are welded on. Still have to make the patch for the wheelhouse and the trunk floor dropoff.
It looks like the emblem is not straight (check the pic on the main page).. here's the measurements I have now.

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