9 Jan 2021

The mount for the ECU is "done", for certain values of "done".

I think it needs another bracket to connect the top of the mount to the core support though.
pictured with the computer attached and hooked up.
Tried again with the AC box.  It split at the front mount again.  Apparently "flat" is not sufficient for the back, it needs to be a little concave to force the front together.
Corrected the brackets for the parking lights.  Oddly enough, the spacing on the screw-holes differs between the sides.
Used duct tape and cardboard to figure out just where the dash needed to be to clear the column brackets, etc.  Here is the first time the gauges have been "installed" in the car.

You might remember (or you might not) that this panel was first shown in the 14 Oct 2020 update.

You could possibly also remember that in the 2 Nov 2020 update, I tried to bend the bottom and did not get the crisp bend I was hoping for.
I made the upper panel out of 22ga steel that was sitting around.  Got it to line up well, but that metal is so thin!
Picked up some 16ga instead.  This is proper.  Used the thin panel as a template.
Then added the mounts to the upper panel.
Test-fit again, with the upper panel in place and duct-taped to the face, on the bottom I added 3/4" more metal to push it back a little.

Zip ties to hold the dash carrier in place, whee!
In the initial test-fit of the AC box with the bundled wires, it became clear that I am not going to be able to run the wires between the inner fender and the bottom of the AC box - there just isn't room.  So - let's make a channel for them.
It looks roughly like this.  It still needs work.
The dash panel is coming together here.  You can see the side panels, the lower edge, the lower mounts, and the close-out for the wiper switch there on the left.  Everything is welded, and I didn't completely screw it up!
I think it looks great, except where the beaver chewed out the column notch.
And of course my carrier has seen better days.  It's only 50 years old, I don't know why the plastic has damage to it.
Used some exhaust tubing for the column surround.
Welded in.

Next step is to sandblast the whole thing, prime, and paint... but it's been in the 40s and 50s for highs, not quite warm enough for things to cure.

The plastic dash carrier needs some attention with some JBWeld to try and correct some of the damage.  You can maybe see the initial repairs to the upper edge in the earlier pictures.
The wrapped wire bundle passes through the channel.  I want to bore out the PVC that I fiberglassed in there - it doesn't need to be as thick as it is and I'd like more clearance.
Hard to tell what's going on here, but the interior fuse panel is mounted up under the dash (one less thing dangling near the pedals!)
The mount for the Clutch Anticipate switch is next up.  This is ~10ga steel for the bracket - should hold up well enough.
And it gets welded in. 
So does an equivalent bracket for the two brake switches.  Yes, I still haven't learned to weld.
I need to figure out how much clutch pedal travel I'm supposed to have/how much I need so I can mount the clutch stop and the clutch safety switch.

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