9 Jul 2021
Two steps forward...

It is nice to have a webhost again.
Speaking of nice - the AC box held together this time!

The wires pass underneath it freely in that channel too - bolt it up and call it good!
Begin FOUR DAYS of looking for where I put the metal squirrel cage fan.  It was here in the garage, I've put it somewhere clever.

Found the spare AC box, it's got a plastic fan but it's damaged.

(No, the metal one is in a box in the attic.  That's not clever at all.)
Sandblast and paint.  Let's make it pretty before we put it where nobody will see it.
(Not pictured: The fan bottoms out in the housing.

Where did I put the spacer?  At least that's where I would have expected)
 With the AC box mounted and the fan attached, I can clean up the pass fender and get it painted on the inside too.  So I did. 

And I took no photos.  It was the same as the driver's: rust, bad repairs, now additional bad repairs.
It lines up... poorly.

This is with a big stack of shims at the top AND at the bottom, and it's still not right. 
Even after additional finagling.
Also it's too far forward at the bottom.

I expect I"ll be taking this back off for additional work.

(also I can't run a bracket to the core support to help hold the computer in place as it tucks up inside this rather than being accessible.
I put the header panel on.  It fit, mostly, but the car is slightly too large for the garage -- I have to squeeze past the nose to unlock the door, and this sticks out too far... so I've pulled it back off.  It needed cleaned up on the inside anyway.
As I lay on my back trying to get the fender to line up better, I happened to have looked back towards the back of the car and was struck by how much room for more tire there was!
And it's true - there's about 3 inches from the outer edge of the pass rear tire to the outside of the fenderwell.
Unfortunately that doesn't hold true for the driver's side: the body is not square to the frame.
So I loosened all the body mount bolts, and tried to pry the body over.  That accomplished nothing. 
I've got a ratchet strap, what on the body can I attach to to pull against?

Maybe this beefy tie-down ring in the bed?
Wrap it around, so it's pulling the frame that way.

Yeah, raise your hand if you see what's coming.
And now I need to repair the tie-down ring, and the body hasn't moved at all.
I had realized that I don't have an *accessible* bung for the wideband O2 sensor - the front one on the driver's header is too close to the frame to thread anything into.

Added a new bung here, and as you can tell, I wasn't replaced with an alien replicant with some skill at welding (so I guess that's good news?)

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