9 June 2009

It's not an excuse, but I've hit a bit of delay: Apparently I have to paint the house. In between doing that, I have made some progress.
Engine is on the stand and cleaned up for painting.  Not sure if I want to pull the intake off or not.
Blasted parts ready for primer.  The hood latch was mostly blasted before, but had a couple of spots that needed reblasting.
I have a replacement rag joint, but I am not sure how to get this one off.
Parking brake cable did NOT want to come free from here.
Eventually the cable came out in eight pieces.
Heater box assembled.  I am now wishing I'd painted the inside too.
Parking brake cable is too long.

It's rapidly approaching the time where I paint the dash. Once that's done, I suppose a lot of stuff will start getting installed rather rapidly. Still need to get the flattener for the top of the dash though.  I do have the paint and the gaskets to put the motor back together, but I want to clean up the oil pan and the valve covers a bit more before I paint them.

Still need to get the transmission parts.

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