Swapmeet today.

Found a gentleman that had the two quarterskins I needed (they look pretty much the same, so I only took a pic of one) He was asking for 50 each, I offered 80 for the pair. He countered with 90, I had two ones plus was going to get 80 for work to be performed later, so he settled for 82. I've now put some of my own money in this car. Not a bad deal for two bucks, eh?
He'd claimed they were Goodmark, but this sticker says they're not - not that it really bothers me, they seem to fit great.
I've been working on the El Camino the past few days, finally getting the paint buffed out right so it looks actually black instead of a dingy dark grey. I'm a little less than halfway done, as soon as I finish I'll move back to the Chevelle.

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