It started as just some general cleanup in the garage. It blossomed into something completely different. We'd spent yesterday cleaning up the garage (and it was already cleaner than it'd been in a good while) so when I got home from work and Michael had suggested more garage, I knew some real work would happen.

Grinding down welds is fun.
The flap-wheels work much better than the stone ones, and the sound is much kinder too. I was lucky enough to get a box of Dewalt 60 grit flapper disks for 5 bucks at a pawn shop.
All the screws that were holding the upper trim on were rusted out and I couldn't get a grip on them with a screwdriver. I got a set of screw extractors to remove them, here's me drilling a small hole to start with.
Once I drilled the hole in each screw, I tried one last time to remove them with a good #2 philips screwdriver... and amazingly enough, they came out easily - every one of them.
Not too bad once I got the end-cap off.
Under the long bit is in great shape.
We had a visitor - and we can't fault his taste in cars.
Welds ground.
I've still got a little left to weld (and grind) but it looks better.
We replaced the flat tire in the front with a spare that was sitting around the garage, just to lift that corner of the car. Interestingly enough, there's no drum and no brake hardware on this wheel, and only three studs. Doesn't really matter, since it's going B-body conversion.
No pic I've removed the side mirror that killed my good Snap-On philips-head screwdriver. I used a sawzall and an angle grinder. I tried and tried to get it off normally, but it wasn't interested.
No picWe cut out and removed what was left of the exhaust. Hopefully the trashmen will take it away tomorrow. If they won't, I'll have to find somewhere to get rid of it.