Introducing the project car.

Pics would be better had I removed the fingerprint from the lens before starting.

Car details: 1965 Malibu SS Convertible (Real SS). Originally was 327/4spd car. Will be 350/4 spd. Don't know what rear axle ratio yet. Does have proper gauges, VIN confirms it's a real SS. Only missing parts seem to be engine, tranny, radiator, console, and rear seat bottom. All else is there, but may need replaced or reworked. Rear axle is 12 bolt. Rest of the front chrome is in trunk or at current owner's house

Rust behind wheelwell

Rust and dentage. Hammer, dolly, and welder needed.

Rear. This really is a car-in-barn.

Underhood, note the partially missing trim-tag. Not too sure why, this is not where the VIN is located. Just means I can paint whatever color and not be wrong :)

Antenna hole on fender, antenna hole on rear fender. Decisions, decisions :)

Undercarriage. Looks like the only rust is on one portion of the floor support, not sure why.

Dig the giant steering wheel! Non-AC car.

Rust low on pass side too, easily fixable.

Trunk floor rusty on sides, check the "Evening Orchid Metallic" paint on the underside. Looks to be original. Not sure what the springs are from, this one has springs intact.

A little rust in front of wheelwell. Looks like a little on the inner well as well. Dig the spiffy 327 emblem.

Door panels need work.

SS dash with gauges.

Waiting for the tow truck.

Still waiting. There was a lot of waiting. (2h 30m)

but it finally arrived.

Michael helped push it up onto the bed.

First look at rear axle. It's a 12 bolt.

And there it goes down the road.

Rolling down the highway.

Vacuumed out the trunk, can actually see the floor.

Driver's side trunk detail.

Pass side.

Michael helps with the vacuuming.

Driveway full-o-fun!

Seatbelt buckle detail

Rag joint detail. I think it shouldn't be apart like that.

My garage runneth over!

Missing trim tag.

Motor Mounts