We're infested with kitties!

We've had three cats:
And then came new kitten, that we found under a bush in front of the house:
Meet Anubis!
We're having to bottle-feed him.
Sometimes he's not so happy about it.
Sometimes it's a little messy.
And then this morning, we looked under the other bush and found Anubis's siblings:
2 girls, one boy.
They were cold, and muddy, and had leaves on them, but they appear to be roughly the same size as Anubis. We broke out another box to keep these three in ...
.. and Purrbo decided that it might as well be for her.
This is Horus. He's the other boy, and unlike the other three he appears to be a dark brown with some striping on his legs. He loves to be held.
Horus (bottom) and Hathor (top) - Hathor is the largest of the four kittens.
This is Isis. She's the first of the new three to figure out how to suck from the bottle. We originally were going to call this one Bastet, but since she opened her eyes first she got renamed to Isis.

24 March. All the cats' eyes are open now. They're getting bigger by the day, and their color seems to be shifting a bit. Initially it was pretty simple to identify which cat was which - Horus was brown with tigerstriped legs and the rest were black - but now they all seem to be a really dark brown and I see some striping on all their legs. Isis and Anubis are the best behaved of the lot, followed by Hathor. Horus is a sweetheart, but he cries a LOT - and he's waaaay louder than the other three cats combined.

The vet had suggested that we go ahead and keep all four kittens together - we didn't know that they actually liked to sleep in a dogpile, but apparently they do sometimes..
Pretty sure this is Horus.
Isis, I think..
I believe this is Hathor.
This viscious kitty is Anubis - he was the last to open his eyes.
Isis found "carpet" to be kind of an interesting concept. They're not really old enough to walk around but she shuffled around a little bit, checking it all out.
They don't ALWAYS sleep in a pile..
This blurry pic is Horus in a rare content (non-screaming) moment.
Okay, maybe they're not so rare.

11 April. All cats now use the litter box. Horus and Anubis have eaten kibble, Horus, Anubis, and Hathor have all eaten soft food. These cats now run FAST and they're starting to pounce.

You can see their eye color now.
Anubis, checking out the soft food. First day, there was more on their feet than in their bellies.
Pretty sure this is Hathor.
Isis demands love!
Hathor demands love too!
Anubis demands attention as well.
Horus is a little more mellow here - he's not demanding things, but he would appreciate them.
Purrbo has started grooming the kittens. This looks more like a kiss than anything else, but it's just Isis's chin getting cleaned.
Purrbo held them down to clean them. Here, Anubis didn't want to be held down.
One at a time!
Horus gets the business.

30 Jun 06

Isis has been adopted by Tall Joe. The other three kitties are all doing great:

Horus (left side of the pic) and Anubis (right side)
Horus is by far the most siamese looking of the kittens.
Anubis looks so much like Rastus.
Purrbo is very fond of Horus. She cleans him so much that it's surprising he still has any fur. She doesn't do that for either of the other two though.
23 Jul 06

I apparently didn't have enough cats -- the momma cat gave birth in my shrubbery again. We're guessing the new kittens are about 4-6 weeks old. There were five kittens total in the litter -- three white ones and two black ones; my neighbor snagged one of the white ones first off. After much discussion and an aborted attempt to capture one of the black ones (ended in bloodshed), we decided to let the black ones be (since we've got four black cats, we may have reached our quota) and adopt the two white ones. Of course, these cats haven't ever really been around people so they weren't all that thrilled with the concept.
Unnamed white kitten #1. Not even sure what gender these cats are, but I'll call this one a 'her' anyway. Her eyes aren't really red.
Kitten #1 again. Heavy leather gloves to protect my hands. I'm not really choking the kitten, but I didn't want her to be able to leap up and tear my face off.
Kitten #1 calmed a bit when I started humming to her but it didn't last long once the neighbor fired up his lawnmower.
Kitten #1, when she moved from spitting to growling.
This is kitten #2; again I'm assuming female. Her eyes aren't all cockeyed like this picture seems; she was looking up at me. I do like the tongue thing.
And here kitten #2 looks at the wife.
I had to reorient my hands in order to be able to take kitten #2 indoors; she didn't much care for that.
This is one of the black kittens. After the excitement of trying to catch them, they really didn't want to hold still for a photo.
I guess we're giving one of the new kittens away. Or at least that's my assumption.